Red Light Therapy increases the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Red Light Therapy is a beneficial anti-aging and skin rejuvenation tool.



  • Increase collagen & reduce wrinkles

  • Smooths skin tone

  • Promotes younger looking skin



In a Skin Wellness pod, your body is fully enclosed (excluding the face) and surrounded by 118 degrees of heat. During this time you are surrounded by steam infused with vitamins and nutrients to condition the skin for softer skin and prolonged UV and spray tan results.



  • Produces healthier skin

  • Accelerates the tanning process

  • Hydrates skin & infuses with nutrients



The Cocoon Infrared Wellness Pro & TheraSauna can help flush toxins from the body through a natural process of hydrolysis. This leads to the reduction of impurities in the body, helps break up body fat, increases metabolism, and aids in achieving permanent weight loss.


  • Flush toxins from the body

  • Increases metabolism & burns calories

  • Relieves joint & muscle pain

relaxing massage

Our Osaki massage chair provides the perfect escape after a long day. Enjoy a rhythmic massage that will relieve tension & soothe your muscles, allowing your mind to relax.


  • Rejuvenate your body and mind

  • Soothe muscles & release tension

  • Flush toxins from the body

Tan Spa offers Tampa, FL residents a meticulously designed tanning salon with top of the line tanning equipment, spa services & a highly knowledgeable staff. Providing a luxury tanning experience & personal customer service, Tan Spa is one of Tampa's best tanning salons. We can't wait to welcome you to the Tan Spa family!


Tan Spa brings the world's finest tanning beds & stand-up tanning booths to Tampa, FL. Our lineup of sunbeds provide tanning options for any skin type or tanning goal. Be sure to try our most luxurious beds from Ergoline & KBL.


If you'd like a sunless tanning option Tan Spa has you covered! We have the best spray tans in Tampa, FL! Our Norvell Auto Revolution and VersaSpa PRO will leave you beautifully bronzed. Whether you need a light glow or a dark competition tan, we have a spray tan option for you.


Now that you have a beautiful tan, how about a little relaxation & rejuvenation? Tan Spa pampers clients with red light therapy, infrared sauna, Skin Wellness & Osaki massage.